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What is Keto Coffee and Why is Everyone Drinking it?

Keto Coffee is a buzz and we explain why it’s worth the hype. With PowerCreamer, Keto Coffee has never been easier, so you can experience the benefits with our convenient solution.

You’ve seen it on your Instagram feed and you’re now even seeing it as boxed drinks in the grocery store aisle. It’s called Keto Coffee and everyone seems to be drinking it! What’s with all the buzz? How is Keto Coffee different than regular coffee?

To begin, the base of Keto Coffee is the same as any coffee drink: black coffee. What’s makes it “keto” is what you add to it. Just as someone may add a flavored creamer and sugar to their black coffee, Keto Coffee is made by adding a few simple ingredients too. However, Keto Coffee is an upgraded coffee drink, providing major health benefits and an extra boost of energy compared to a normal cup of joe.

While traditional coffee creamers often contain a long list of artificial ingredients and added sugar, Keto coffee creamers should be made with all-natural, sugar-free ingredients. Why no sugar? Let’s explain the basics of the Keto Diet.

Keto 101

Keto (short for ketogenic diet) is a way of eating that enables the body to burn fat for energy. You optimize fat-burning by eating a diet high in fats, moderate in protein, and low in carbs. Put simply, carbohydrates are metabolized and turned into glucose, which your body then uses for energy. By depleting the amount of glucose in the bloodstream, your body instead utilizes stored body fat for energy. By reaching this metabolic state, many dieters often lose or easily maintain weight. The diet has become so popular because eating healthy fats regulates hunger hormones that tell your body it’s full and satisfied, so dieters do not feel restricted or depleted.

Why Keto Coffee?

If you enjoy a ritualistic morning cup of coffee, you might as well make it as beneficial as possible. So by adding healthy fats to your cup of black coffee, you’re kickstarting your day with an added dose of sustained energy. Bonus: you crowd out those creamers that are laden with sugar and chemicals! Because guess what… keto coffee tastes even better than your Salted Caramel Mocha Dulce Vanilla Candy Cane latte 😉

How Do I Make a Keto Coffee?

It’s simple! Start with your cup of black coffee, add healthy fats like grass-fed butter or ghee, coconut oil, MCT oil or heavy whipping cream. Blend it up and you will have a creamy and frothy powerhouse of a drink!

I know what you’re thinking… that sounds like a lot of work for one cup of coffee!

Enter: PowerCreamer, an all-in-one, keto-friendly coffee creamer.

We’ve done the work for you. We’ve combined the three greatest and tastiest healthy fats to add to your black coffee and instantly create a healthy, fulfilling, Keto Coffee PowerLatte. Simply brew, blend and enjoy all the benefits we’ve touted above.

keto coffee creamer directions

Even better: we’ve got four flavors to keep your taste buds intrigued.

Ok, I’ve got you interested… but you’re still wondering…

Why Do People Love Keto Coffee?

Without a doubt, people love the feeling of satiety they get after drinking a keto coffee made with PowerCreamer. They also love that they feel energized and focused. It makes a great first meal or prelude to breakfast and many people even drink it before a morning workout. You can drink Keto Coffee as part of an Intermittent Fast or use it as a supplemental breakfast for a busy day.

PowerCreamer fans rave about the convenience of the product because it is shelf-stable and leak-proof, making it perfect for work or travel. Bring along a portable frother and you can make Keto Coffee wherever, whenever. 

Give it a try!

Experience the buzz for yourself and let us know the difference you feel! 


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