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Keto Coffee Creamer; What’s the Importance?

Practicing a keto diet involves giving careful thought to pretty much everything you put in your mouth with the intention to swallow it. Not only do you need to make sure you are cutting certain things out of your diet (sugar and carbs), you also need to make sure you a getting enough of certain other things (healthy fats and proteins). Even something as seemingly small as what you put in your coffee in the morning can notably influence the success of a keto diet. Enter the world of keto coffee creamer.

What’s Wrong with Regular Milk or Creamer

Low-fat dairy products are something you should consider cutting out of your diet altogether. Milk is high in carbs and sugar, and powdered or flavored creamers are often no better. Even if you choose a sugar-free or non-dairy product, a regular creamer offers little to no health benefit for a keto dieter, and many of them actually pose health risks.

Coffee creamers often contain ingredients such as partially hydrogenated oil and artificial flavors. Non-dairy products are often even worse for your health than milk-based creamers, as they contain fillers and chemicals you really shouldn’t be putting in your body.

If you enjoy it black, then drinking your coffee or tea without creamer is an option, of course, but it’s not the only way to solve the creamer dilemma. A much better option is available.

What’s Great about Keto Coffee Creamer

What if the creamer you added to your coffee or tea each morning was not only smooth and delicious, but also contained tons of important nutrients carefully formulated for someone on a keto diet? A keto coffee creamer like Omega PowerCreamer Original Blend is exactly that.

A truly ketogenic coffee creamer will be high in fat, containing real cream or healthy oils, and low in carbs. It’s even better if the creamer contains other supplements to increase energy and encourage ketosis.

A keto coffee creamer is beneficial for you

Healthy ingredients to look for in a ketogenic coffee creamer include:

  • Ghee
  • Full-fat cream
  • Extra-virgin coconut oil
  • Full-fat coconut milk
  • Collagen
  • MCT oil
  • Natural sweeteners
  • Natural flavors

Finding a creamer that includes all-natural, organic ingredients is another huge plus.

What’s Amazing about PowerCreamer Coffee Creamers

Let’s take a look at the ingredients of the Omega PowerCreamer Vanilla Creamer and see how it measures up.

  • Grass-fed ghee
  • Organic, extra-virgin coconut oil
  • MCT oil
  • Natural vanilla flavor
  • Non-GMO sunflower lecithin
  • Organic stevia extract

Yes, you read that right. Omega PowerCreamer contains organic, high-fat ingredients, all-natural flavors and sweeteners, and absolutely zero carbs. A closer look at these ingredients will only increase your opinion of PowerCreamer as the ultimate keto creamer.

Ghee is a type of highly clarified butter. It is made by melting regular butter (in this case, made from the milk of grass-fed cows) and separating the liquid fats from the milk solids, which are then removed. Ghee boasts a rich color and flavor. It contains less lactose, milk sugar and dairy proteins than cream or butter, but is higher in fat, making it perfect for the keto diet.

Does it Matter Where it Comes From?

Does it matter that the ghee found in Omega PowerCreamers comes from grass-fed cows? Absolutely. Studies have shown that butter or ghee made from the milk of grass-fed animals is much more nutritious than any other type of butter or ghee.

It contains highly-beneficial amounts of beta-carotene,  which is plant-produced vitamin A, as well as vitamin E and vitamin K. Grass-fed ghee is also rich with healthy fatty acids and conjugated linoleic acid, which has been shown to boost the immune system and fight disease, and it contains no carbs or sugar,

The health benefits of extra-virgin coconut oil have been well-documented over the years, and it is a stand-by for people on the keto diet. High in healthy fat and MCT, it does everything from boosting your immune system, to increasing your energy, to nourishing your skin and hair!

Along with these two powerhouse ingredients, Omega PowerCreamer contains an extra dose of MCT, which is an important supplement for encouraging ketosis and increasing energy. Many consider it essential to the keto diet. It helps increase weight loss, decrease carb cravings and balance blood sugar.

The remaining ingredients are all-natural and sugar-free in this vanilla-flavored creamer as well as in the original and other flavored creamers, Omega PowerCreamer Natural Cacao and Omega PowerCreamer Cinnamon.

These are all the amazing ingredients PowerCreamer contains. What does it not contain?

  • Sugar
  • Lactose
  • Casein
  • Gluten
  • Carbs
  • Soy
  • Preservatives

The Keto Creamer Conclusion

Admit it, you were overwhelmingly relieved to discover that you could have coffee on the keto diet. How do you feel now that you know you can add your choice of deliciously-flavored cream and feel even better about drinking it?

Omega PowerCreamer doesn’t just remove the extra lactose, carbs, sugar, fillers and preservatives found in so many other creamers. It’s also bursting with healthful, organic fats, oils, and MCTs to increase your keto-friendly calorie intake and daily energy.

Oh, and did we mention it was delicious? The original plus three flavors, available separately or in the PowerCreamer Bundle, are perfect not only for flavoring coffee, but also for:

  • Adding to tea or other hot drinks
  • Mixing into hot cereal
  • Pouring over fruit
  • Adding to shakes or smoothies
  • Flavoring other creamy concoctions such as soup, or a cake drizzle

PowerCreamer’s electric hand-held coffee mixer called the Power Frother makes whipping up a yummy, keto-approved drink complete with coffee, flavored creamer, MCT oils, collagen, protein powder or whatever else you prefer, easier than ever.

Good can be good for you, and this creamer proves it with an amazing blend of high-quality, ketosis-encouraging ingredients and complete lack of drawbacks.

Whether you’ve embarked on the keto diet for weight loss, blood sugar issues, or some other reason, you’re likely happy to hear that you don’t have to give up the rich creaminess and delicate flavor of your morning coffee to stick with it. In fact, your cup of coffee with the addition of ketogenic coffee creamers can now be a great way to get more of the healthy fats, oils and nutrients you need.


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