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Health Benefits of MCT Oil in Coffee

If you’re reading the ingredients of a keto-friendly product like Omega PowerCreamers, or researching keto recipes on the web, you’re going to stumble across this term fairly frequently. MCT oil is recommended for keto smoothies and shakes. Some people even recommend MCT oil in coffee.

What is MCT oil, and does it really have as many health benefits as so many people seem to think it does? Should you be consuming products containing MCT oil or adding it to your own smoothies, shakes and coffees?

MCT Oil Origin Story

If you’re considering MCT oil that has already been distilled into an all-natural supplement like Omega C8 MCT Oil (32oz)100% Pure C8 Caprylic Triglycerides, you may still wonder where it came from. MCT oil is most often extracted from coconut oil, of which it makes up over 50%. It can also be extracted from palm oil or dairy products.

The acronym “MCT” stands for medium-chain triglycerides, which basically describes the chemical make-up of the oil molecules. MCTs are short-chain fatty acids—simple saturated fat—which can be easily digested and converted into energy.

Though it is a common component of many eastern and middle-eastern diets, saturated fat has gotten a bad name in Western Civilization over the years. Recent scientific studies, however, are showing that this simple fat can actually be very beneficial to health.

MCT oil in coffee

Heart, Head and Gut Health

MCT oil is good for everything from heart health, to brain function, to digestive balance.

Because they are so easily absorbed, MCTs are a great source of instant energy. It isn’t accompanied by a corresponding blood sugar spike and drop like sugar-based energy is either. Some studies have indicated that athletes who take MCT oil before working out find it easier to exercise and don’t suffer as much muscle soreness from a build-up of lactic acid.

MCT oil is also good brain food. Your brain cells are made up almost entirely of fatty acids. Also, because MCTs translate so quickly into working energy, they can increase cognitive function while decreasing mood and energy swings.

Have you ever noticed how your thinking becomes clearer after a cup of coffee, or murkier after a heavy meal? This is because what we eat and how our body is digesting it directly affects our brain’s abilities. MCT oil digests quickly, is exactly the type of nutrient your brain craves, and increases the overall health of your digestive system.

These oils have been shown to increase the amount of good bacteria in your gut while fighting disease and helping your body absorb more nutrients and vitamins from your food.

The MCT Weight Loss Connection

Can a fatty acid actually help you lose weight? Yes and yes again. This is why you so often see it in keto recipes and products. The keto diet is a low-carb, high-fat diet that forces your body to shift from glucose-based energy to fat-based energy—a healthy metabolic state known as ketosis.

MCT oil is a perfect fat-based source of energy, and it can help you reach ketosis more quickly and keep your body in that state. Ketosis in combination with easily-converted MCT oil can help you feel more energetic, think more clearly, and lose weight.

MCTs also release hormones associated with a feeling of fullness, or satiation, curbing the appetite so no more food is consumed than is necessary for energy, and thus fat is burned rather than stored.

MCT Oil in Coffee (and Other Things)

Are you convinced of the health benefits of MCT oil now? If so, you may be wondering how exactly to go about getting it into your body. Fortunately, MCT oil is available as a supplement and may be easily slipped into a variety of foods.

You can try whisking Omega C8 MCT Oil (32oz)100% Pure C8 Caprylic Triglycerides into any type of salad dressing, or blending it into smoothies or yogurt. MCT oil can also be substituted for some cooking oils in baked goods.

Many people also find it quite palatable to drink MCT oil in coffee. If you enjoy adding creamer to your coffee, or whipping up a creamy cappuccino, coffee shake, or latte, a few teaspoons of MCT oil will complement the texture of your drink.

Some keto creamers like Omega PowerCreamers already contain MCT oil as one of their ingredients, making it easier than ever to consume it with your coffee, tea or mixed drink.

Although it’s obviously a good idea to include MCT oil in your diet, do be aware that more than a certain amount won’t be beneficial, and make sure you are informed about how much you should be taking daily.


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