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Does Coffee Have Carbs: Can I enjoy it on a Keto Diet?

If you are trying to get or stay healthy, you might be following a low carb diet, which has been shown to offer several health benefits. With that said, you likely are also a coffee drinker and have probably asked yourself does coffee have carbs.

You’ll be happy to know that it does not have a significant amount of carbs and you can enjoy your coffee probably as much as you always have. With that said, you do want to pay attention to what you add to your coffee, as the additives are typically what add carbs to your morning cup of Joe. Not all coffee creamers are created equal and carbs can add up very quickly depending on what you are putting in your coffee.

Black Coffee

If you can stand to consume plain black coffee, you’ll be happy to know that in a six-ounce cup of plain coffee, there is less than one gram of carbohydrates. So, we’ve answered the most basic question of does coffee have carbs. The same is true of decaffeinated black coffee in an 8-ounce serving portion.

While we’ve answered the most burning of questions, we also realize that not everyone drinks plain black coffee and that it is, in fact, the things we put into coffee that have the potential to make it carb-heavy.

Does coffee have carbs?

Coffee with Traditional Creamer

The number of carbs consumed in one cup of coffee truly skyrockets when you add in a traditional creamer. For example, if you use a non-dairy creamer in your black coffee, you are adding roughly 16 grams of carbohydrates for every ounce of creamer used. If you use Coffee- Mate you are adding approximately 12 grams of carbohydrates for every one fluid ounce. And if you use non-dairy coffee mate, you’re adding about 16 grams, again for one fluid ounce.

Those are huge numbers and they add up very quickly. Imagine just having two cups of coffee and using that much creamer. You could be adding a total of 32 carbohydrates to your day before its even really started. That is if you only have two cups a day and we know that sometimes the day warrants more than those two standard cups. There is a way to limit your carbohydrate intake, however, even if you want to keep using a creamer and can’t stand the idea of drinking your coffee black. Enter the low-carb coffee creamer.

Coffee with a low-carb creamer

Low carb coffee creamers range in the number of carbohydrates they have in them. Some offer completely carb-free options, which is obviously the ideal, while others might go all the way up to 6 grams or more per serving size. If you truly want to stay away from adding unnecessary carbohydrates to your everyday diet, finding one that has zero carbs is clearly the best option. You can still enjoy your coffee, without having to drink it black, but you won’t have to use up so many of your day’s carbs. In addition, if you choose the right low carb creamer, you can even add some great flavor to your morning coffee.


PowerCreamer has proven time and again to be the best coffee creamer for anyone who wants the benefits of a healthy, low-carb diet but does not want to sacrifice the flavor of their coffee. With this product, you get the best of both worlds. You get to enjoy the taste of your coffee without having to sacrifice your overall enjoyment.

With this brand, you also get to try out a few different flavors, so you won’t ever get bored with the taste. Available flavors include original, vanilla, cinnamon, and cacao.

This product was rigidly tested for over a year and has shown to help make delicious and healthy coffee every time. If you are truly dedicated to creating a keto-friendly, low-carb cup of coffee, PowerCreamer is the way to go. It is both keto- and paleo- friendly and is free of soy, gluten, sugar and preservatives. It is all-natural, shelf-stable and carb-free.

Choosing the right option

If you are wondering does coffee have carbs, you have probably already made the healthy choice to limit your carb intake. Choosing the right option for your coffee is just one step in making sure you are truly following a keto-friendly diet. Of all the carbohydrates you can consume in a day, it seems the easiest place to cut them back is in your drinks. Using a carb-free creamer like PowerCreamer means that you’re able to enjoy your coffee the same way you always have without having to consume too many carbs.


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